I stopped wearing ties to work 10 years ago and good riddance; at 5'5", retying a million times to get the "short" and "long" ends the same was a confidence-crushing experience from my bar mitzvah through my 50's. Recently I got a public-facing job that requires jackets and ties, and decided to inventory my ties to see why only a few seemed to fit. I realized a handful from Asia and a few I got from my grandfather were 54" whereas the rest were 58". I found Mountain & Sackett online and am now getting a perfect knot the first time and heading off knowing I look right.
Eric H

This is way overdue, but I wanted to send a note of appreciation for the (two!) ties! My dad really loved getting them both, and the striped tie looked perfect on him for my wedding day.
Thank you so much!

I wanted to let you know that I received the ties and that they look fantastic. Thank you once again for the phenomenal work you do - and the amazing customer service.


-Sean M.


I buy a lot of ties, and this thing is incredible! Truly a class act!"

-Chris Mills 


Thank you so much for making me feel that my order is important. A rare quality to find in the business world today, but you have exceeded my expectations

-Peg Y


I'm writing just to tell you that the tie arrived today and it is wonderful!

Thank you again for your excellent customer service. I'll buy from you again very soon!

-Matteo B.


Just wanted to share a great customer service experience at Mountain and Sackett with everyone.

-Peter L.


I've been dealing with the folks at M&S for several years now, nothing but great experiences and great ties.

-Charles P.


You have a beautiful selection of ties. I'll certainly be back to purchase more.

-Ken M.


The customer service so far has been more than fantastic, thank you so much for moving so quickly on every aspect of the process.

-Garrett S.


Received the tie a few days ago, and I just wanted to say that it's a beauty. Very nice indeed. I hope to order more from you in the new year. I've also forwarded your email to a few ppl at work after some jealous stares.

-Michael B.


I have just received my first order, and am very satisfied with the purchase. These are lovely ties that are clearly quality made. I look forward to years of wear and to many subsequent purchases. Thank you for the ties, and thank you for continuing to make them in the United States.

-T. Jones


Thank you for the great customer service.

-Andres P.


I bought two of your ties after seeing you on Fox News. The ties I received are of the best quality ties I now own and I am extremely happy. They were expertly packed for shipping and I received them promptly.

-Chris M.


Thanks for the great service, and I LOVE the tie I just received, it's truly beautiful.

-Andy B.


I received 5 ties today. The colors are good, the workmanship excellent, in short- I'm a pleased customer.

-Joseph S.


Your ties look great.... no need for me to shop at Brooks Bros when I can purchase same quality for less money and support a All-American company.

-William M.


The ties are here and they are beautiful! Very well done!

-Patrick O.


As usual, great quality and service. Thanks.

-James M.


Best customer support I've ever received from an online company.

-Dennis R.


Powerful...10 Stars.



It took several hours of Google searches, but we've unearthed a domestic neckwear manufacturer with a great story and even better ties. Handmade in Manhattan since 1957, Mountain and Sackett is currently making the best wool tieswe've seen, and they're just $74.

-Magnificent Bastard


The quality is excellent, especially for the wool and cashmere ties. Given their price points, it's hard to top M&S pound for pound. Thanks so much for the quick shipment. You make beautiful ties!!

-Michael I.