What is a Regimental Tie?

  An Authentic Regimental Tie is a crisp, 6-ply organzine silk Repp Stripe. Every stripe setting is one-of-a-kind, and every stripe runs "From the Heart," a tribute to the historical emphasis on our right "sword" hand. Dating from the 17th century, military regiments were known to distinguish themselves with brightly coloured stripe neckwear, and that tradition has grown to include English Universities, Clubs and Military Societies...whose names are closely linked with their own authentic "Colors".

Why We Love It?

We love our Regimental Ties because they capture the essence of classic British style.   The fabric is crisp, the colors are brilliant, and the ties add a casual elegance to any outfit. In addition, our Regimentals have twice the silk as a regular tie to ensure they last as long as the heritage they represent.

The Mill

Stephen Walters is a family owned business that has been weaving silk since 1720.