100% Handmade Regimental Tie

Old Albanians Kings Own Regiment Lincolns Inn 2nd City of London Lancashire Fusilers
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Our double faced silk regimental is the only tie in the world that is 100% handmade. Each tie is cut entirely from one piece of fabric and expertly handsewn by our skilled craftsmen. They also feature a unique pure english silk tipping with "no margin" as well as color coordinated labels and threads. Each tie is 57 inches long

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Mountain & Sackett's 100% Handmade Authentic English Regimental neckwear combines a refined display of color and uncompromising craftsmanship. These are the only ties in the world that are never touched by a machine, only the hands of skilled artisans transform these distinctive fabrics into a tie that truly reflects the spirit of their history.
The origins of Authentic Regimentals date back to the "Cravat" worn by Balkan brigades of the 17th century.  A hundred years later, as the 7th Royal Fusiliers gathered in the Tower of London to protect King James II from the oncoming Duke of Monmouth, they helped establish the Regiments by name as a unique part of British history.  The roots of the Authentic Regimental designs can be traced back even further, however, as the court of King Henry V established a Royal Registry of military regalia in 1419.  The descriptions of these "blazons" have been incorporated in the creation of the Regimental designs over the ensuing centuries.  Even today the colors evoke the unmistakable presence of Heraldic times, azure blue represents loyalty and truth, while antique gold reflects generosity and claret symbolizes valor.
Every Mountain & Sackett Authentic Regimental is a testament to this history.  Our fabric is a unique double face repp weave of the highest quality seven ply English yarns, and every tie is meticulously hand crafted; they are made to last a lifetime.